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2023 Sunday Morning Regular Service Times at 9:00 am and 11:00 am

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New Life Space Coast is a New Kingdom, New Testament, New Covenant fellowship that believes that the Kingdom of God is a nonjudgmental society that speaks dignity and esteem to every citizen. We believe that it is Christ's design to bring His Kingdom to this earth through the church and we, as particular members of His church, commit ourselves to being His channel on this earth to bless the world.


New Life Space Coast is only a part of the body of Christ. We confess brotherhood to every believer in Christ and kinship to every fellowship who names Christ as Lord and desires to bring Christ's Love and salvation to all mankind.


New Life Space Coast is a family of believers in Christ who believes that Jesus accepts us right where we are. We do not have to pass a religious exam to be welcome in this family. If we have given our lives to the Lord Jesus we are welcome members here. Jesus accepts us right where we are and loves us there. We have no right to be any other way.


New Life Space Coast is a family of believers breathed and born of God to reach out with ministry to every person God brings into our path. We commit to assume our responsibility to propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ by all available means, at home and in foreign lands. We are committed to Christ's vision of unity for the body of Christ and give ourselves as His instruments to see this vision fulfilled. We believe this will be accomplished by an interdenominational mentality receiving every Christian as a valuable and integral part of the body of Christ.




Ever since we first met, we have always done life together. It’s just how we work, live, and lead; together. J+M=LUV We find ways to work together even in our differences. I worked with him in media and he worked with me in art. We are so much stronger together than we would ever be apart. We both grew up in church and those sermons we heard on church pews grew into a desire for more. Our involvement in ministry, media, and art opened doors and brought cultural insight that inspires us as we pastor in love and grace, devoting our lives to reaching the hearts of all people for Christ. We have two sons, Isaak and Elijah. Elijah works in media and Isaak serves in the Coast Guard in Alaska, along with his wife Julie, raising our grandsons Kanoa and Ilo. As parents and grandparents we see the multi-generational blessings continue. -MINDY


Jason Linkous, Senior Pastor is a visionary leader who pastors with a heartfelt care for people. He continues a legacy of ministry spanning four generations with a delightful humor and a style of his own. His understanding of God’s love and grace are challenging and life changing. Jason attended Flagler College in St. Augustine on a tennis scholarship and furthered his education with theological studies at Christian Life School of Theology and Beacon University. He worked for many years in the Christian media industry from radio stations to television programming and radio broadcasting. Jason was awarded a Doctorate of Divinity by St. Thomas Christian College and served as a Chaplain for the Sheriff. With an interdenominational vision and cross-cultural heart, it is his calling to serve and help people to find and fulfill their true purpose in life.


Mindy Linkous, Senior Pastor is a professional artist, gifted speaker, and loving pastor. Her creativity within the church opens hearts to seeing a new perspective of living a Spiritual life. Her artwork graces the walls of the church as well as collector's homes and businesses around the world. Her artwork was exhibited in London, Beverly Hills, San Francisco, New York, and Miami. She won two First Place Awards at the New York International Art Festival. Mindy grew up here on the space coast and has been a part of the New Life team for over 20 years. Mindy loves to study the Word and has a desire to touch the world with the love of Jesus. With a great passion for missions she engages the world scene bringing to the nations the amazing gospel of grace. She teaches college classes at Evangelical Christian College of Nepal in Kathmandu.